Scrolling through Tumblr, seeing all the flawless girls that just lie on the beach with their flat abs, toned bums and long legs. Ugh. Here are some tips to make that dream come true!

Participate in a team sport. This will motivate you to go to every training session, which is a workout indeed!

Follow monthly challenges, and everyday you complete the daily workout, cross it off! This will motivate you by making you want to complete the month with ticks on everyday! You can see my Monthly Madness Workout Challenge here.

Do cardio! Running or even walking are so good for you and your body. Cardio builds endurance in future workouts. Also, it burns so many calories! Cardio activity doesn’t only benefit your body though, it also benefits your heart and lungs. Cardio activities include biking, running, swimming, dancing, weight lifting, the list is endless!

Make your own workout. I love making my own workout because I can customise it to my level, whether it’s easy, medium or an intense workout. Also, it’s so much fun to do fun activities with your workout. For example, you could write down the reps and activity on a paddle pop stick, put it in a jar and pull the out one by one and do the activity! (e.g. if you pull out ’10 push ups,’ do 10 push ups. And keep going until there are no paddle pop sticks left.)

Drink enough water. Water is so important for your body to operate and do what you want it to do. Water increase the amount of calories you burn. Which means burning more calories with less effort.

Eat the right foods. Get rid of processed food, junk food and refined sugars. They have literally NO benefits to your body or health. They may taste good but trust me, you can make something that tastes just as good without all these horrible ingredients.

zd xx



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