I know that some of you are completely lost about where to start when it comes to fitness clothes shopping. So to make life a little easier for you, I’ve made a list of the essential clothing you should buy to start off.

  1. Bike pants – I love the Nike Pro’s by ‘Nike.’ They are so comfortable and reliant.
  2. 3/4 length tights – Again, I love the Nike Pro’s by ‘Nike.’
  3. Full length tights – I’m really into the ones from ‘Cotton On Body.’ They are so comfortable and stylish.
  4. Sport bras (girls) – These are so practical, especially for running. They hold everything together and are great for comfort. Some brands that have comfortable sports bras are – Nike, Lorna Jane etc.
  5. Loose singlets – great to put over your sport bra if you aren’t comfortable showing so much skin. Lorna jane has some really nice ones!
  6. Running shoes – I love Nike, and I mean love. However I highly recommend you do not buy running shoes from them, they feel like you’re running bare foot. They don’t have much support for your feet which means you are extremely likely to result in knee, foot and leg problems. I do recommend Asics though. They have great support and fit orthotics inside if you need. I have never had any running shoe apart from Asics and I have no problems!
  7. Earplugs/Earphones – I love having earplugs on me at all workouts, whether it’s cardio or yoga. Music is a great way to set the mood and take your mind off the tough workout!
  8. A running jumper – ‘It’s cold outside,’ is no excuse to skip a workout. Buy a thin workout jumper so you never have to skip a workout because it’s ‘cold.’ I say thin because you would be surprised about how quickly your body warms up when you’re working out. If anything, you’ll take your jumper off!
  9. And, of course a water bottle! I may not be clothing but it is the most important thing to have in a workout. I have heard of so many people getting kidney infections because they workout out a lot, but don’t drink enough water. You should aim to drink 6-8 cups of water a day.

Happy Shopping!

zd xx


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