I LOVE fitness challenges! I love the fact that if you tick off a day, it encourages you to tick off another, and another. I highly recommend to half or quarter the reps of these exercises because it is a highly intense workout for highly experienced athletes.

zd xx


1st 50 crunches

2x 60 second plank

2nd 100 bicycle crunches

2x 30 second plank

3rd 50 burpees

50 kick down crunches

4th 200 crunches

100 skate slides

5th 100 high knees

75 Russian twists

6th 3x 60 second plank

200 jumping jacks

7th REST
8th 50 donkey kicks

100 bicycle crunches

9th 25 squats

100 skate slides

10th 50 squat jumps

200 crunches

11th 25 push ups

75 tricep dips

12th 200 lifts

200 butt kicks

13th 50 plank walks

50 lunges

14th REST
15th 4x 60 second planks

100 Russian twists

16th 50 lunges

50 donkey kicks

17th 35 push ups

100 mountain climbers

18th 100 tricep dips

50 squat jumps

19th 200 high knees

100 supermans

20th 75 burpees

4x 60 second planks

21st REST
22nd 35 burpees

100 standing side crunches (each side)

23rd 50 lunges

100 skater slides

24th 50 wood chops

200 mountain climber

25th 100 supermans

200 plank jacks

26th 200 bicycle crunches

200 but kicks

27th 100 Russian twists

4x 60 second plank

28th REST
29th 50 lunges

100 froggers

30th 200 squat jumps

100 V ups


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