Balancing school work, work, a social life and sport can be such a struggle. This is why becoming organised is your top priority. Whether you are never ready to hand in your assignment or you just have to much on your plate, these tips will help you keep a healthy and advantageous balance to your life.

Add your commitments to your calender.  For example, sporting training and game times, assignments and exams and work hours. This is so helpful and important because it means you can work your social life around commitments.

Get up earlier. Getting up earlier actually increases your productivity! Think about it, when you wake up at 12pm, you mostly slug around, dawdle and procrastonate when trying to get things. However, when you wake up at 6am, you feel as if you have had a ‘head start’ to the day. If in a race and you are advantaged by a head start, you would try to keep that. Right? Same if you wake up earlier, you have a head start to the people that wake up at 7 or 8 or even 12. Studies show that waking up early makes you do tasks more efficiently and faster.

Get up at the same time everyday. Sleeping in on the weekend can do more harm than good. Waking up early on weekdays and late on weekends is called ‘social jet lag.’ It makes your brain function less efficiently because of the different ‘time zones’ you are awake for.

Keep a planner. Similar to a calender, but it can always be with you. If you are pulled up on the spot by your friend asking if you’d like to go for brunch tomorrow. Check your planner to see if it fits around your priorities. You can even have one on your phone instead of carrying a book around!

Check your planner in the evening for the next day. This results in less stress for the following day!

Set study time. A good way to make sure you don’t procrastinate is to set a time to study. Make it realistic though, you aren’t going to get home from school and get straight into your 4 hours of homework and assignments. You would spend 30 minutes – 1 hour relaxing, then you may do 1 hour of work with a 10 minute break and repeat.

Organise your space. Having an organised space is so important because working at a cluttered desk with all sorts of things is highly unenjoyable and creates a high risk of you procrastinating.

Make check lists. Write your plan and priorities down and tick them off as you do them. This will create motivtion for the day to make sure you get everything done. A short pencil is better than a long memory!

Have orgainsation sheets to help you with differnt things. I highly recommmend these.

zd xx


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