Being active is so easy and fun. Sometimes we hear people saying ‘It’s too hard,’ or ‘It’s a waste of time,’ but honestly, I don’t know where that came from. It’s so easy to believe to what other people are saying, but I say give it a go. I 100% guarantee you will feel brighter, happier and see a change in your health and body.

Today I’m going to show you some helpful tips on how to be more active in your day which hopefully will become daily habits (post coming soon.)

Take the stairs. Taking the stairs is cardio activity, which helps your heart, lungs and circulatory system. Also, it works out your thighs, strengthens your bones and controls your weight.

Go for a walk or run. Walking is so relaxing and calming for your mind. To make it even better, it also works out your entire body! After a few months of walking, you may like to start running, which is even more of a workout and cleanses your mind.

Go out in nature. I suggest just going out in nature once or twice a day. Whether it’s your backyard or local forest, it’s a great way to get fresh air and refresh your body and mind. A study shows that going out in nature improves your focus and outlook on life. It also makes you happier and strengthens your immunity.

Stretch everyday. Stretching improve muscle development, reducing risk of injury and improve athletic ability.

Accidental Exercise. I was sitting on my bum (once again) the other day and came across an article about ‘accidental exercise.’ Basically it is when everyday activities such as vacuuming or carrying a basket at the grocery store is actually exercise! For example, hanging the clothes up on the washing line instead of chucking them in the dryer create a great arm workout and saves the environment!

Incorporate exercise in your day. If you’re a beginner or don’t have too much time, don’t add 2 hours of exercise in your day immediately, take it slow and slowly work more exercise time around your commitments. There are 1140 minutes in a day, use 20 of them to workout.

Find exercise you love. Whether it’s dancing, swimming, running or ice-skating, you know you will do it because you love it and it makes you happy!

Find someone to be active with. That way you can’t back down! If you were planning to go running together, you will let the other person down if you back down.

Park further away. This means you need to walk at least a little to get to the place you need to be.

Exercise while watching movies. Do some crunches, squats or tricep dips while watching a movie to avoid sitting on your bum for two hours staring at a screen.

I’m really going to try and avoid staring at my laptop and phone and replace this wasted time with active living instead. If you spend 2 hours a day on your phone or laptop, that’s 30 days a year. That’s one twelfth of your year. Scary huh? That’s 2 400 days of your life. That’s 6 and a half years. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time being active and healthy. You never know, it may even expand your life…

zd xx



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