Day 3 of 30

School is a huge chunk of your life. 13 years actually. I know most people have a negative outlook on it, but being positive is going to make it so much better. Getting an A is the best feeling ever, but it takes a lot of hard and tiring work. Remember, if you try your hardest, that’s good enough. But if you think you are capable of getting an A but just don’t know how or don’t think you are trying your hardest, this post will be so helpful.

In this post, I’ll tell you some of my favourite tips on getting straight A’s to make school that much better and worth while.

Summarise topics. Reading an entire textbook to revise is a huge pain. Instead, just summarise each chapter with a notecard of key words.

Practice examples. Especially in science and maths. You can make a fake quiz with everything you need to learn on it, and complete it over and over until you get everything correct.

Make flashcards. These are so helpful when revising because they make you remember all the concepts.

Draw diagrams. Sometimes, seeing something visually can help you learn something much more efficiently than having to remember an entire paragraph of words.

Say things aloud. This makes you able to say and hear it, which stores information in your brain more efficiently than just hearing or just writing.

Make notes. Make notes in class or while revising. Do this in a notebook not on your laptop, as writing things down retains information better than typing. Make your note visually attractive! This makes you more likely to use them because they are so pretty. For some inspiration, google ‘Studyblr’ in google images to find some nice notebook notes.

Be organised. See my post ‘How to be more organised.’

Have a nice study environment. Have a desk dedicated to studying, you can decorate it with bits and pieces to attract you to study on it. Studying or doing work on your bed is not a good idea.

I hope these tips help you to get through school with 100% effort.

100 Days of Productivity: I did this workout! It was difficult but I felt so good afterwards!

“Do what is right, not what is easy.”

zd xx


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