Day 4 of 30

I’ve decided every once in a while I’ll share what I ate in a day, because it could give you some ideas for breakfast, lunch dinner and snacks!

Breakfast. This morning I had porridge made from oats + soy milk, with mixed berries cooked within it.

Morning Tea. I had a fruit bowl from the school tuck shop, as we were heading to a resort later that day. So I didn’t want to have a lunch box to take all the way to the resort. The fruit bowl had cut up orange, rock melon, watermelon and grapes.

Lunch. I wasn’t too hungry at lunch, so I just had an orange.

Dinner. Because we were on the road to the resort, I had chicken teriyaki noodles from noodle box, but with no chicken. It was so good! My entire family was so jealous because they got something else. It had vegetables and Hokkien noodles, it was amazing!

Snacks. Obviously, I’ve snacked on fruit all day, as usual. Oranges, grapes and strawberries is what I snacked on!

100 Days of Productivity: As I said throughout the post, my family and I drove to New South Wales for the weekend to stay in a beautiful resort we won in an auction. We arrived about 2 hours ago and the suite is incredible. Because we have 5 people in our family, we needed two suites. Oops. Also, I got half way through my science revision. Yay! Comment down below if you’d like me to make Studyblr!

“People who love to eat are always the best people.”

zd xx


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