Day 5 of 30

I love getting up early, because you feel so fresh and healthy. Also, you have so much more time in the day to do things! On the weekend, I still wake up at 6.00. Usually I will do more before 8am then I would in the entire day!  Sleeping in on weekends but not weekdays messes with you body clock and can result in sickness.

Here are my 10 secrets habits of a morning person to make waking up easier for you.

1. Wake up at the same time everyday. As I said before, waking up at different times messes with your body clock, and as some people say, gives you ‘social jet-lag.’

2. Give yourself time to relax in the morning. One of the best tips to wake up in the morning? Make it enjoyable.If you only give yourself time to do the things you HAVE to do in the morning, you will associate them with unpleasantness. However, if you do something fun in the morning, you’ll actually look forward to them.

3. Eat Breakfast. Breakfast in so important! Plus, who doesn’t love food. Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day. You can have it hot or cold and fresh or cooked!

4. Do something active. Nothing wakes you up more than moving your body! Doing a quick workout or a fast session of yoga in the morning will highly benefit your health and make you less tired and cranky during the day.

5. Go to bed earlier. If you are waking up early, you also have to go to bed early. This is one of hardest for me, because I love to stay up to get things done, watch YouTube or talk to friends. But if you go up earlier, you can get these things done during the day because you have more time! Win, win situation. You should try to aim for 8-9 hours of sleep every night.

6. Don’t hit snooze. Scientifically speaking, when your alarm goes off, your brain is awoken, when you hit snooze, your body may be asleep but your brain won’t be. Your body and mind gets confused because half of you is awake and half asleep. The more times you click the snooze button, the more your brain wakes up, creating more confusion. This means that when you finally wake up, you will be feeling very tired, even if you get enough sleep.

7. Turn all electronics off one hour before bed. This is definitely the hardest for me, I love to stay up after I have my work done and just do random and useless stuff on my laptop or phone. But the white light from electronics keeps your mind racing, making it harder for you to fall asleep.

8. Have a night/morning routine. Your body will eventually recognise that when you do certain activities (getting dressed, having breakfast) you need to wake up. And when you do other activities (getting into bed, having dinner) you need to go to sleep.

9. Motivate yourself. Motivation is key to everything. Weather is be working out or getting up early. Motivating yourself makes you want to achieve those goals.

10. Put your alarm clock across the room. This makes you actually get up out of bed to turn it off. Once your up, you won’t feel the need to get back into bed!

100 Days of Productivity: I had such a good day today! First of all, I woke up at 6.00, went onto the balcony and looked at the spectacular view from our resort (we are top level.) Then, we went down and had breakfast. I had a huge fruit bowl that I put together from the fresh fruit section at the buffet. Then, we went for a walk on the beach and explored down some paths. We then met up with my auntie and uncle, where we had lunch at a nice restaurant down a cute alley. This is where I had 7, yes 7, corns on the cob. I ordered a bowl (where there a 4, 7-10 cm corns) of corn, because there wasn’t anything else on the menu. They were incredible. They were soaked in Nuttelex and slightly burned on some edges (which I liked) they then had paprika sprinkled on them. Obviously, I forced my family to try some, and we ended up ordering 2 more bowls of them. After lunch, we went to a small cafe to get a smoothie I had been craving for hours. It was acai, coconut water and banana. Yum! We then went to check my auntie and uncles new house, which is right next to the beach (yay.) We then walked along the beach for a bit before we had to go. My sister and I then jumped into the pool, unaware it was 5 degrees in there. Our legs and arm went numb so we went puppy paddling to the edge we got out shivering, where our dad was laughing at us. We hopped into the spa to warm up, and went back to our room, where I sat down for the first time that day.

“One positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.”

zd xx


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