Day 10 of 30

In my opinion, happiness is the most important thing in life. A lot of people are happy, but want to do that little be extra to make you ecstatic!

In this post you’ll see some ways that will make your heart throb with happiness, because that’s what’s important. These ideas vary from extreme to just little!

Volunteer for the less fortunate. You are so very fortunate, I know you are. Giving to the people around you makes you a happy human. Knowing that you have helped at least one person in the world is the most amazing feeling ever. Look around for some good programs to do. I recommend ‘Global Volunteer Network,’ they have trips to around the world and have youth ambassador programs for the younger volunteers.

Yoga. Yoga is so good for the mind, when your mind is healthy. You are happy!

Move. Moving lets off endorphins, making you happier. Try to do some sort of physical activity every day.

Smile. Smiling lets off endorphins as well.

Write 3 things you like about yourself. This makes you more confident and happy ith you and the world around yourself.

Give yourself pep-talks in front of the mirror. Your brain recognises it as someone else giving you the pep-talk, not you. As you would if someone complimented you, you feel happy!

100 Days of Productivity: Finished my Social Science assignment and handed it in! Great to have one less thing on my chest.

“The most beautiful person is the one with the biggest smile.”

zd xx


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