Day 11 of 30

I know that a lot of people really struggle with the pressure of having a ‘summer body,’ or a ‘bikini body.’ The whole exercise scene doesn’t suit everyone. Obviously, exercise is still needed, but you don’t need to do a workout do get it done (post coming soon).

Below are 10 ways to get into shape! Be aware that this is only one part of getting into shape. Sorry to  break it to you, but exercise is needed to get into shape (post coming soon.)

Label your water! Something I like to do is write times on my water bottle, this encourages me to drink a certain amount of water by each time of day!


Take the stairs. This one is said a lot, but it really is the easiest way to get a little bit of exercise in your day. It means you burn calories and save time waiting for the elevator.

Eat without electronics. If you eat without electronics, you are more aware of what you are eating. It means you are more likely to notice and stop when you’re full and avoid over eating.

Don’t weight yourself. Weighing yourself just lower’s your self esteem if it isn’t the number you want to see. Sometimes, this makes you feel like you can’t do it. So you stop, give up. If you are sick of starting again, stop giving up.

Treat yourself! I highly disagree to the people that say, don’t give in to your cravings. Yes, I do agree for the first few days. However, if you don’t eat what you crave, you’ll end up binge eating at 3am eating your entire fridge. That’s much worse than that one little ice cream you were craving. I have a rule, if I crave something for 6 continuous days, I allow myself to eat it. This is because my body obviously needs it, otherwise it wouldn’t be telling you to eat it. Your body never does anything to harm you.

Get more sleep. Sleep is the 3rd part of getting in shape! 1st is eating, 2nd is exercise and believe it or not, 3rd is sleep. Your body needs time to let the changes and challenges you made to body take action to your body. This doesn’t happen when your mind is racing.

Set timers! Eating consistently every 3 hours keeps your metabolism going. Set timers helps you to remember to eat every 3 hours. This is definitely something I’m going to try and do!

Eliminate sugary drinks. Having drinks full of sugar is so bad if you are trying to get into shape. Sugar contains carbs, meaning you have more calories to burn off throughout the day.

Remember that you are beautiful just the way you are. Thinking that you aren’t good enough is never good for you. Remember you don’t need to be a size 2 to feel good about yourself, you’re are perfect the way you are.

100 Days of Productivity: Decided to go vegetarian! Finally went for it, starting Sunday I will be vegetarian! This is to cushion my process into veganism. I also changed the layout and colours of my blog (as you have probably seen). It was a tough day, but hopefully I have enough of a positive attitude to get through it and restore what I lost. Official lifetime goal: To be positive. To be able to forgive.

“If you’re sick of starting over, stop giving up.”

zd xx


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