Day 13 of 30

Hey beautiful human! I’ve decided to make a mini-series called ‘Why…’ this is where I’ll give you a list of benefits that the topic gives.

I know that some up coming topics will be ‘Why Workout,’ ‘Why do Crossfit,’ and ‘Why do Yoga.’ If you have any suggestions you’d like me to do, comment down below!

Today I’ll be giving you 7 benefits of running. Running is something I’ve always been decent at, but never enjoyed it. I’ve realised that once you train and get used to that pattern of running, it becomes much more enjoyable and worth the effort.

It help build strong bones. Your bones protect your internal organs and provide support for your muscles.

It strengthens muscles. Who doesn’t want muscles?!

It improves cardio fitness. This means it will be harder to become tired when doing exercise and you will be able to achieve more in a workout.

It burns calories! If you don’t burn the amount of calories you eat in a day, you will gain weight. I’m sure that a lot of you are trying to lose or maintain your weight!

It helps maintain a healthy weight. This is because it burns calories and builds muscle. When you have stronger muscles and bones, everyday activities such as walking burns more calories!

It’s a stress reliever. Whenever I’m stressed or upset, I find myself longing to go for run. It takes everything off your mind and you are focusing purely on the movements of you body.

It makes you happy! Like all exercise, running lets off endorphins. These basically are happy hormones!

“It’s meant to be hard, that’s what makes it great.”

100 Days of Productivity: I had such a good day today! This morning, my mum, sister and I ran off to our local bike store. I’ve recently grown out of my bike and now have sudden access to trails from my house. I thought it was time to give bike riding a daily go. We didn’t find anything I liked there, but we found my friend Kate! We had a chat for a bit before we headed off again to buy fabric to make pyjama shorts for a school project and a dress that my Nona and I are making together! What do you know, we ran into Kate there. After this, we went to another bike store and we found a bike that I love! It wasn’t available so we had to order it in. Hopefully I’ll get it in a week or two by my birthday! Later in the day, we started to plan out the dimensions of my birthday party and I cut out all the fabric I needed for my dress. By this time it was 7.00, so I decided it was time to sit down and relax for the rest of the night.

zd xx


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