Day 15 of 30

When revising for exams, it can be difficult to know where to start. During exam block, when you have so many exams to study for, it can be quite overwhelming.

These are my 9 tips for revising for those exams.

The Notes. I have 4 ways I use my notes. These are:

  • Reading my notes.
  • Writing my notes in a nutshell. Writing the absolute necessities I need to know.
  • Notes in a flash card. Making flash cards of the concepts I need to know.
  • Notes in a quiz. I write a quiz with everything I need to know.

Teach someone. Teaching someone what you need to know can help yourself know the topic, as you are explaining the subject to someone. If you don’t explain it sufficiently, they won’t understand it; so you will need to explain it in more detail or in another way.

Don’t procrastinate! (post coming soon.)

Listen in class. This means less revision later on!

Use your weekends. Especially in exam block. Even if you have an entire 8 hours to study over the weekend, you still have 16 hours to do leasure things on the weekend.

Plan ahead. Plan when you’ll study, take breaks and relax.

Studying with a friend. Studying with a friend can be great, because you can exchange information and hear the information aloud from other people which can retain information better than saying it in your head. However, plenty of the time you often go off track. I suggest planning a study date, where you will study for a couple hours. Before you start to study, plan a reward for you and your friend. It could be going to your favourite cafe or going for a nice bike ride, the list goes on. If you don’t go off track for the study time, you can have the reward.

Studying without a friend. You may be able to focus better, but you have no one to tell you to stop procrastinating when you are and only have one way to hear information, through your own voice.

Move. Moving your muscles after sitting and writing is so good for you. It refreshes you so you’re ready for another study session.

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done.”

zd xx


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