Day 19 of 30

Being fit is everyones daydream. My long term goal at the moment is to get muscly. I (annoyingly) have quite a petite figure. I usually stick to cardio exercise – running, swimming, bike riding and the typical ab, butt, arm, leg etc. workouts. I really want to start to do weight bearing exercise, so I can build muscle in my body instead of just having endurance from excessive amounts of cardio.

Below are my 10 tips on How to Get Muscle.

Getting started

Sign up for a class. This means you have a commitment to go, so you can’t put it off or not do it at all.

Do it with a friend. Having a joint goal to achieve is such a motivation. Especially with your competitive friend (you know who you are). When they get further ahead or are more positive and lively about it, it encourages you to do the same.

Do Crossfit. Check out my post ‘Why Do Crossfit.’


Eat enough protein. Protein is the key source for muscle growth.

Drink enough water. Your body needs a sufficient amount of water to build muscle.


Work harder, but shorter. Aim for about 3-8 reps per muscle group. The final rep should be very hard to complete! If not, increase the weight you’re lifting.

Limit cardio training. Cardio is good for burning fat, but not for muscle growth.

Get your rest. Your body needs time to recover. After all, muscle building is literally when you damage your muscles and they repair themselves, making them bigger and stronger.


Arm exercises. Targets triceps and biceps.

Squats. Targets your quads and hamstrings.

Crunches and core exercises. Targets your abs.

“Today I will do what others won’t… So tomorrow I can do what others can’t.”

zd xx


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