Day 26 of 30

Stumbling off the tracks can happen, but it’s the way we get back on track that makes us strong. Say you’ve been exercising and eating healthy, but suddenly, a party comes. Of course, you eat junk and then don’t workout for the next few days, or week. All of a sudden, you realise you feel bloated all the time and haven’t done any exercise in a month.

Below are my tips to get back on the band wagon after you’ve fallen off.

Think about how you feel. If you’ve eaten all that junk food and overeat a lot, you may feel bloated or sick. This is your body telling you to STOP.

If you ‘Don’t Feel Like It’. Below are my tips on working out when you don’t feel like it, because trust me, I’ve had plenty of experience in this area.

  • Workout with a friend.
  • Put your workout clothes on. It makes you more likely to workout because you feel good and have an increased range of motion.
  • Do it early. If you have been lacking motivation to workout because you are either doing chores in the day, or just get more and more out of the idea of working during the day, try doing it in the morning. Your brain hasn’t registered the amount of things you need to do and doesn’t even think about ‘not being bothered’.
  • Drink water. Dehydration can seriously drag your energy and motivation to do things down.
  • Do a HIIT workout. High Intensity Interval Training. It means you will burn as much calories as you would in a 30 minute slow and steady cardio workout, but it will much quicker. However, you have to give it your all (High Intensity) or it ‘won’t work’. Try ten 100 metre sprints, with 30 second rests in between each one.

Enrol in a team sport. This will make working out a commitment.

“If you’re sick of starting over, stop quitting.”

zd xx


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