Day 27 of 30

I hate having strained muscles, because it means you are unable to do any other exercise and everyday activities are difficult. Yesterday I strained my triceps muscle and just doing everyday activities today has been a real struggle. So I researched some ways to mend or make some recovery from a strained muscle.

So in order for you to avoid putting in all that research I’ve put everything you need to know below.

• Rest. 
Rest is the most important thing for a strained muscle. Don’t go lifting weights or doing any physical work.
• Ice. Ice it for 20 minutes of every hour awake.
• Compression. Try putting on a compression bandage on the strained muscle.
• Elevation. If it’s a leg, foot or ankle injury, elevate it while icing.

Stretch. After your muscle has recovered slightly from RICE. Gently stretch it throughout the day. Be sure not to do any physical work or weight lifting at this stage though.

Pain killers. I recommend pain killers, but only if you need them. It provides comfort so you can rest easier.

“The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.

zd xx



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