Day 28 of 30

I know that plenty of us don’t have jobs yet, which can be highly annoying when we want to buy something but are unable to because our parents won’t allow us to.

Below are my 10 best ways to make money fast!

Pocket Money. Ask your parents if you can have a weekly or monthly allowance.

Wash the car. If you wash the inside and out thoroughly, I’m sure your parents or owner of the car will pay you as much as they would a real cleaner!

Pet sit. When your neighbours are on vacation, they’re going to need a pet sitter. Offer for you to do it!

Baby sit. You could baby sit cousins, siblings, friends or neighbours.

Clean windows. Simply ask your parents for a dollar or so per window side (1 dollar for inside, 1 dollar for outside).

Do garden work. If you live on a farm, you could harvest crops, shovel up cow or horse manure or feed the chickens.

Sell manure. Leading from the previous tip, if you live on a farm and shovel up horse or cow manure, you could sell it for a dollar or two a bag. If you sell it in a rural area, where most people would have their own cow manure, you would make 1 – 2 dollars a bag. Whereas if you sold it closer to the city, you might make 4 – 5 dollars a bag.

Clean the house. Vacuum, mop, wipe any surfaces and clean the toilets and bathroom. I’m sure your parents will pay you as much as their house cleaner if you do a good job!

Sell old clothes or electronics. This one’s pretty straight forward.

Fold laundry. For our parents, folding loads and loads of laundry everyday is pretty repetitive and boring. I’m sure if you offered to fold a few loads they would pay you for it!

“We look up at the same stars, yet see such different things.”

zd xx


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